Number Two ‘Me and You’ at Mecca Bingo Birkenhead

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A video of a couple who recently got engaged at Birkenhead’s Mecca Bingo has taken social media sites by storm recently.


The couple, who are both regulars at the Birkenhead bingo hall, have been overwhelmed by the response to their unique engagement, according to the Liverpool Echo.

A Mecca Bingo caller took part in the proposal which saw Aaron Stott surprise his partner Kayleigh Delamere asked for her hand in marriage in front of a full venue.

The video of the event has already received over 100,000 on the Mecca Bingo Facebook page and Aaron expressed his shock at how many people have seen it.

The husband-to-be went onto explain how the proposal too days of planning as his partner’s job prevents her getting out much but when she does, they usually head to the bingo hall.

Kayleigh was reportedly totally taken by surprise by the romantic act, which left both her and the bingo caller teary eyed, explaining that it was “a complete surprise.”

The couple celebrated with prosecco after Kayleigh gave her answer and were cheered by the congregated players and staff in Birkenhead and have confirmed they’re probably marrying in a registry office rather than at Mecca.

Hopefully if Aaron is asked by a bingo caller in the future ‘76 – Was she worth it?’, which is a typical bingo call referring to the pre-decimal price of a marriage licence, he’ll chime back with the usual response, “Every Penny”!

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