Hero passer-bys douse flames on Skegness Pier

Coinslot -Skegness Pier flames
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Two impromptu heroes leapt into action after they spotted flames emanating from a neon sign at an arcade on Skegness pier.


According to a local paper, Carl Wood and his friend Ben Cairns were driving into Skegness when they saw fire, wherein the pair promptly stopped and rushed into the arcade.

“We saw the smoke and flames. The neon light was well alight and dripping on the floor. Ben helped staff locate the power and staff isolated it. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and tackled the fire. He managed to put it out before the fire brigade arrived,” commented Wood. “People seemed to be standing around in shock. The fire alarms were not sounding and people seemed to be unaware of what was happening.

“We evacuated the building. Fires are unpredictable and you never know if they will turn.”

“It was a natural instinct to stop and help.”

They said that as they approached the amusement arcade they could see people inside, still playing on the machines. Their immediate thought was to help evacuate the building.

Another fire broke out in a bin at the Sky Pier development site earlier in the month, that was brought under control by firefighters

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