Council “hypocritical” on Barry Island arcade ruling

Coinslot - Pleasure park Barry Island
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The battle over the Pleasure Park extension rambles on, but one thing is certain Henry Danter is gaining support in his dispute with the council. Now, one of Barry Island’s distinguished voices has leapt to the amusement park’s defence, recommending that Danter be honoured for helping to regenerate the resort.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has been branded ‘hypocritical’ over its decision to give planning officers the power to demand Barry Island Pleasure Park remove an extension to its amusement arcade.

Author and Barry Island resident David Alexander said that instead of punishing Henry Danter, the amusement park’s owner, the council should be offering him the freedom of the borough.

Alexander praised the risk that Danter had taken in reviving Barry Island Pleasure Park and said it had helped to revive the resort’s seafront.

He told local press: “I cannot understand what the fuss is about regarding the alterations Mr Danter has made to the amusement arcade.

“Henry Danter is being told to return the amusement arcade portion of the funfair to its former state because, apparently, of an error in his not realising he had to obtain planning permission.

“Mr Danter’s contribution to the regeneration of Barry seafront is greatly underestimated – the real truth is that fairgrounds like the one on Barry Island are becoming a thing of the past.

“Theme parks (Oakwood and Folly Farm to name two within an easy drive) where you pay a fixed sum admission and children can go on as many rides as they like all day long, can prove a more affordable option for a family with children, so Mr Danter is, in fact, taking a huge risk.

“Some might consider his alterations to the amusement arcade an ‘eyesore’, but what he has done is a big improvement on the old dilapidated Log Flume, which was a visitor’s first sight of Barry Island before he took over. Perhaps his critics would like him to put that back as it was.”

Alexander pointed to the example of a controversial biomass energy plant development currently being built in the resort, much to the chagrin of some local residents.

“If people want to talk about ‘eyesores’ they need look no further – and we won’t mention the current fracas of the ‘gasification facility’ currently being built by Biomass UK at Woodham Road, some 350 yards from people’s homes.

“How many sets of planning regulations are there? It seems there are more than one. A set for Mr Danter, a set for what the Vale Council is allowed to get away with not doing and yet another set for Biomass UK who seem to think they can do as they please.

“The council’s stance strikes me as being just a tad hypocritical; my view is that Mr Danter deserves to be given the freedom of the borough.”

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