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In the coin-op industry the ability to facilitate the unique needs of operators is key, and this is something John Hood, Leeds Leisure UK sales manager believes stocking a mixture of new and used machines allows the company to provide.

Coinslot: How do you view the current performances of used and refurbished machines?

John Hood: Our industry is in some ways no different to any other. It must have new, creative, innovative, products to try and compete with the many challenges faced. But contrary to that, coin-op still relies heavily on used machines in varying ways. We are regularly asked for legacy single and multiplayer Cat C for arcades as they are considered better perfomers by some than many of the £100 new models available. Used Cat C product for the pub market allows operators to site top performing £100 machines to suit their budget, especially now when independent operators can access top quality digital and some analogue machines with lower peripherals costs involved.

CS: How important is the market for Leeds Leisure?

JH: The used machine market has and always will be a very important facet of Leeds Leisure business. As well as being able to supply new models our core business is focused on used where we can inform our loyal customer base with proven, top performing games. As an independent machine supplier we are in a position to source and supply equipment based solely on performance and we specialise in turning out fully refurbished, used equipment that an operator can be proud to take to their site, sometimes with new frames/pods if required or specially requested.

CS: What are the main benefits OF purchasing used and refurbished machines?

JH: The benefits are twofold for the operator of investing in used product. Firstly they can make an informed choice based on past, on-site performance of the particular model and secondly the ability to buy a strong performer
that fits with their individual budget.

CS: Are there any particular market conditions impacting, the sales of such machines?

JH: The changes lately of the new notes and in particular the new one pound coin has had an impact. The cost to the operator, especially for coin-mech upgrades is an added expense this year. This has in some cases had a negative impact on their machine purchases.

CS: Are there any particular categories, or types, of machines that are performing particularly well in the refurbished market?

JH: Now that this machine is a bit older, so arguably more affordable, we have found that Blueprint’s various guises of King Of Games has made some decent strides for digital and is a must have for this type of product in the pub market.

CS: Do you feel it is important for operators and distributors alike to offer a range of both used and new products?

JH: It’s very important to be able to supply a wide range of equipment to ensure as many markets, and levels within them are covered as possible. This can prove difficult at times with such a diverse industry but providing opportunity and options to customers at a price that suits them is key.

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