Interclub Lotteries: The Pulltab warehouse

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Interclub Lotteries is offering a breadth of lottery solutions that can be a cost-effective and engaging compliment for any pub, club or gaming space.

Representing a cutting-edge installation in the lottery industry, the Flexitab continuously returns reliable profits for clubs all over the UK and offers extensive benefits to operators.

In addition to this the unit features the ability to dispense and use enhanced game tickets which offer far greater player appeal than standard machines as well as the incorporation of full GSM reports, making it a clear choice for investment.

With the standardised payment model, operators will only ever have to pay for the tickets sold, offering incredibly simple financial controls. Automated daily sales reports allows owners to pay as you go instead of ordering tickets that sit in storage for an extended period of time, all the while not earning any money.

Interclub boast the only Pulltab ticket machines produced in the UK, with units sold by the company coming with a full one-year warranty, a powder-coated steel cabinet, all of which can be installed as either wall-mounted or freestanding units.

Such installations are a proven fundraiser for pubs, clubs, and all manner of establishments. Requiring no specific licenses for operation, and VAT-exempt takings, Interclub Pulltab ticket products are a welcome addition to any operator space.

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