Operators can now pay from the cash box in Playdium plan

The TouchTunes Playdium Jukebox
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Following the removal of fixed music charges for the Playdium jukebox in favour of a straight 18 percent of cashbox revenue share, TouchTunes has confirmed further its commitment to the UK operating sector with the launch of a refreshed Playdium hardware offer of just £14.50 per week.

The deferred payment plan, which is spread over 36 months, enables operators to benefit immediately from the earning potential of what is widely recognised as the world’s smartest jukebox, whilst at the same time, limiting their own capital exposure.

Nick Hardy, TouchTunes, commercial director, Europe, explained: “We’ve worked closely with our parent company in the United States to create a business model that is sympathetic to the dynamics of the UK industry. In this scenario, Playdium literally does pay for itself, with operators effectively making repayments out of Playdium’s cashbox income. At an average income level, operators will be paying marginally more than £25.00 each week, which covers both the jukebox and the music.”

He added: “The teams at TouchTunes, Soundnet and Sound Leisure have amassed many decades of industry experience and appreciate the increased pressures on operators. We are therefore delighted to be able to deliver the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to operate what is a game-changing piece of entertainment and in the process, cater for the legions of music users up and down the country who are hungry for technologically driven solutions.”

“The response to both the 18 percent revenue share and the deferred payment plan has been unequivocally positive with operators of all sizes seizing the opportunity to grow their businesses and improve profitability.”

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