BALPPA may benefit from DUP demands

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The DUP’s unlikely rise in influence could provide BALPPA members with the Brexit they desire.
With having the only  land border with the EU, the Northern Irish party is expected to pressure Theresa May for some version of ‘free movement of labour’ – a key issue for BALPPA in the Brexit deal.
“From our members we have a very clear mandate on Brexit, and the key to them is the free movement of labour,” said Paul Kelly, CEO of BALPPA. “That is a key part of any tourism business, especially our businesses right across the spectrum.”
Indeed, while the trade body does not have an official political stance – both on the election and Brexit, Kelly acknowledges that the trade body’s members could benefit from the deal expected to be struck between the DUP and the Conservatives.
“I think they are in a very different situation as they have a land border with someone who will remain in the union,” explained Kelly. “That may be their single key issue, similar to how it is ours, so if the two things marry up it would suit us.”

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