Another Cashino goes 24 hr

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10 jobs created as Hull Cashino prepares for all day opening

Adult entertainment centre, Cashino has announced that it will create 10 new jobs in Hull as a result of a switch to 24-hour opening at one of its venues on Hessle Road. The new jobs created cover a variety of roles, from team members to supervisors, in order to cover the new night shifts.

The round the clock opening begins on July 10th, and will be marked with a Las Vegas themed party. There will also be a draw to give away a TV, an Ipad, 60 days free tanning, an Amazon Echo, £50 of holiday vouchers and a DVD player with DVD’s.

Lindsey Sullivan, Cashino’s Hessle Road venue manager, said: “We have taken a great deal of time to train the team to ensure we are being sociably responsible, with the 10 new positions that have been created we will soon have a team of 22 people working at Hessle 1.”

Ian Palmer, Area Manager for Cashino, said: “This is an exciting time for Cashino. We have 24 hours at Hessle Road and also another venue on the same street that offers Bingo and some great prizes.”

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