Playdium now royalty-only as TouchTunes takes progressive stance

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Reacting to the wants and needs of the market, TouchTunes has confirmed the change from a fixed fee payment structure to that of a cashbox sharing revenue model for its Playdium smart jukebox.


Following extensive consultation with stakeholders across the UK industry, and set against the immense pressure on operators to invest heavily in digital gaming products, TouchTunes has confirmed aggressively proactive adjustments to the music content terms for the Playdium smart jukebox.

TouchTunes has taken the decision to completely remove the fixed fee element for content – currently £25 per month – and introduce a royalty-only 18 percent of cashbox revenue sharing model. By focusing solely on cashbox percentage, TouchTunes will be partnering in any fluctuations in income from siteto- site and month-to-month and sharing not only reward, but also risk.

Nick Hardy, who was appointed TouchTunes’ Commercial Director Europe in January this year, believes this new business model is sympathetic to the needs of the market.

He said: “We are fully aware of the tough challenges facing all operators and the tight margins they are working to, having spent several months listening to the full cross section of opinion. We also have total faith in the ability of Playdium to perform and, crucially, evolve and grow over time. We have therefore chosen to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and move to royalty-only terms. This is a huge commitment to the UK industry and an unequivocal show of confidence in a product that operators repeatedly tell us is the finest in the market and which is recording double digit increases above industry averages for jukebox income.”

Playdium has harnessed the power of technology to boost music incomes in venues the length and breadth of the country.

It’s status as the jukebox of choice for the Spotify generation is underlined by data which confirms the popularity of the TouchTunes Mobile App, which now has over six million registered users in the US, new sign-ups averaging 25,000 every week and a contribution to total jukebox incomes of over 33 percent.

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