Improving player benefit through cashless solutions

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The operator benefits of high-spec cashless solutions are vast according to Steve Short, general manager of Bandai Namco management solutions, and recent issues with new coins have only highlighted this.


The ever-changing gaming environment now requires payment options as advanced as the machines they are installed in. To this end, the Embed suite of cashless solutions, distributed through the UK and Ireland exclusively by Bandai Namco, highlights the importance of offering consumers innovative ways not only to pay, but to engage with a wider venue space.

From the ability to relay deals and upselling opportunities to customers, integrated cashless solutions can make a huge change not only to monetary intake, but the culture of play within an amusement premises. Installing such systems however are not a simple undertaking, but Bandai Namco’s Steve Short believes they can can pay dividends for operators prepared to make the leap.

“Choosing a cashless system like the Embed one is a big decision for arcades, but we are seeing more and more operators realise that the benefits are worth the investment. It is not only the fact that they don’t have to deal with cash and the accompanying problems associated with it, such as security and coin jams, it is the fact that the system can improve the player experience, by reducing queues and allowing for loyalty benefits,” Short commented.

As well as promotional and back office benefits, cashless systems can plainly offer operators an increase in monetary intake per customer, something Short believes is an oft-overlooked factor. He added that the cashless solution trend, and all the added benefits that operators can find with the implementation of it, looks set to only become more pertinent in the amusement sector.

“We have already completed three high profile projects this year and we have many more in the pipeline. We now have a dedicated division of BNAE for cashless – with our management solutions team and this team is growing.”

For some operators the issues arising from the new £1 test coins served to bring into focus the issues that dealing with currency can bring, and as such has proved as a perfect opportunity to upgrade cash systems. In this Short believes that many may well turn to cashless solutions as a supplementary solution that will not only diversify cash intake opportunities, but set establishments in good stead going forward.

“From a wider perspective the introduction of new coins into the economy has a huge impact on businesses that is a cost borne by the operator, and with reports of problems around the various productions of the new coins it seems to be an issue that will impact operators for a while yet,” Short concluded.

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