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Providing up-to-date cash handling support for the entire market chain is paying dividends according to John Vallis, UK sales director, vice president amusement sales EMEA Suzohapp, and is a testament to the strength of cash in the modern market.


The flow of cash is the lifeblood of any market, and within the amusements sector the correct management of it can make the difference between a business functioning and flourishing.

In this, the ability to provide top of the line solutions to every stage of the process is something that has stood Suzohapp in great stead to build on its already positive market performance.

The company’s John Vallis said: “Our focus is to support the entire market chain – thus both manufacturers and operators in ensuring they choose the right cash handling components. We are constantly concentrating our R&D investments in the cash handling sector as our presence here continues to increase.”

Such continual development is a necessity in the modern market as the rolling out of new currencies shows no signs of slowing. Whilst this continues to bring increased outlays and a pressure for continual updates, it represents both a new era of cash validity and an affirmation of the continued importance of hard currency.

“The fact that the government is constantly introducing new coins and notes to upgrade the older ones shows that currency moves with technology change – making the coins and notes more secure and much harder to manipulate. This proves to us how important cash is and will remain. Naturally we at Suzohapp have the team and products available to ensure that our customers can timely ensure that their solutions can accept and pay back the new coins and notes,” Vallis commented.

In order to make the most of the continued prominence of cash in the sector, Suzohapp is building on its wealth of customer communication to drive development in the operator segment.

“The strategic growth at Suzohapp revolves around complete cash handling solutions for the operator. Here we have three key brands – Comestero for the coin mechanisms and change machines, Scan Coin for the coin and note counters/ sorters and CashComplete for the advanced cash management solutions,” said Vallis.

He added: “Bringing Comestero and Scan Coin into the Suzohapp family has enabled us to allow a much wider set of solutions and thus has positioned our company much more strongly in this sector.”

Such developments stand as a reminder that in a market seeing notable gains in online, and cashless payments, physical currency is still the largest driver of growth, and operators must keep cash handling systems up to date to ensure ongoing business success in this regard.

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