TITO a vital asset for operators argues Edmundson

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TITO solutions may rightfully be a hot topic in the gaming and amusements sectors, but support of this must not be at the loss of traditional payment means, says Mark Edmundson, sales manager UK and Ireland at GeWeTe.


Backed by a depth of experience in cutting-edge payment solutions worldwide as part of the Gauselmann group, GeWeTe continues to find itself on the leading line of cash handling innovation.

From a position of considerable industry prominence, the company’s Mark Edmundson highlighted that innovations relating to supplementary payment solutions are currently a key growth area for the market.

“TITO has to be the current driving force for growth in the G&A sector at the moment and we are working closely with the providers to be a part of the solution.”

He added: “We are working close with customers to identify their needs now and in the future to include new features in our machines, the reliability of cash handling/TITO redemption machines is a vital parts of many operators systems now.”

The burgeoning popularity of TITO systems is aided in no small part by the rise of redemption units in the UK market place at present. The ability to allow customers to experience the same cumulative reward structure and gain tangible prizes whilst minimising more unwieldy ticket carrying is a notable one.

Whilst ticketing can be a great addition to a premises Edmundson noted that GeWeTe is still finding considerable success in more classic cash handling products, with the Cash Recycler representing the company’s most commonly sold model in the UK.

“Its versatility and flexibility offer a multi-functional solution in a very high secure cabinet avoiding the need for a variety of cash handling systems each performing limited functions and taking up valuable floor space,” he commented.

Keeping in line with the wider market trends of contactless payments, GeWeTe systems are built on a strong history of handling card transactions the globe over, and offer a range of solutions designed to aid operators in future proofing cash handling systems.

“Contactless is just another variation of that and all of PC based machines have the ability to work with the card systems providers, there are still some steps to be taken to ensure all of the security and functionality details have been met but it’s very close,” Edmundson finished.

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