Jaybox launch new IT infrastructure for new features

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As Jaybox aims to add new features and a smartphone app to its offering, the company has completed an overhaul of its IT infrastructure to allow for significant software development.


Jaybox has announced the completion of its new IT infrastructure, launching ‘live’ on 28 May to allow for exciting new developments in the medium to long term future. Indeed this entirely updated central server, which all Jaybox jukeboxes are now switched-over to, will allow for significant software development including the addition of several innovative userinterface features.

“After 18 months of work we have completely rewritten our central server from the ground up,” explained Jamie Barnett, sales director of Jaybox. “While it will have minimal effects in the short term, it will allow us to take huge steps forward in the medium to long term.”

With the upgrade implemented behind-the-scenes, operators of Jaybox jukeboxes will not need to make any changes to their current unit.

“We’re standing by our commitment to minimise maintenance costs and jukebox downtime, enabling backwards-compatibility on this update and on as many future developments as possible,” continued Barnett. “It isn’t our business model to force people to buy a new machine.”

To take advantage of the new server, Jaybox has a team working on a new user-interface software, which managing director Graham Bolderson explained will harness improved graphics and exciting new features, such as an interactive smartphone app.

“We will greatly extend the user interface so that individuals will have a much tighter personal relationship with Jaybox,” he said. “The intention is that we will develop web-based applications so users can set up playlists from iPads and smartphones.”

The aim for Jaybox is to increase engagement between users and the product, which includes features such as social media sharing, collaborative filtering, and the company’s extremely popular request feature.

“The whole purpose is to engage users and get them really loving the product,” added Bolderson. “We’ve focussed very much on providing users what they want, in which the request feature has helped greatly. A Jaybox jukebox has all the tracks that have ever been requested from us, and it just keeps growing. We’re still adding 12,000+ tracks a year, so there’s some pretty obscure stuff, but if that’s what people want, we’ll give it to them.”

To assist the user in sorting through this enormous library of music, Jaybox use collaborative filtering, which will be much more in-depth and efficient following the server upgrade.

“The collaborative filtering is where we assess which tracks are currently ‘hot’ because we record every track that’s played,” explained Bolderson. “We can see which tracks are growing in popularity and offer those to users, and we’ll be able to extend that hugely with the new infrastructure.”

This second stage of Jaybox’s long term development plan is expected to be on beta-test in the coming months.

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