Gulzar’s gold touch is too much for Eastbourne pier

Coinslot - Eastbourne pier gold
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The Eastbourne Herald is reporting that pier owner, Abid Gulzar, has found himself in another planning row, this time over frivolous application of gold paint.


The owner had already been granted planning permission to paint two domes in the middle of the seafront landmark to match the other 13, however, planners say the turrets supporting the domes and other roofs have also been painted gold, to considerable uproar one would imagine.

A spokesperson at Eastbourne council said, “Council officers including our legal team are currently reviewing the work being undertaken on the pier and are liaising with Mr Gulzar.”

This is not the first time that the owner has drawn the ire of the mighty Eastbourne borough with a splash of paint, for he hit national headlines last year when he painted lions on 49 lampposts on the pier gold coloured plus 13 domes and pinnacles without planning permission.

Mr Gulzar managed to weather the storm at the time and the council eventually granted him retrospective planning permission on the condition he assured both the authority and Heritage England he would not paint more parts of the pier gold without seeking consent first. How they will sanction him over this latest breach of public trust remains to be seen.

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