Guardians of the galactic queue at Disneyland

Coinslot - Guardians of the Galaxy queue california
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The opening of Disneyland California’s Guardians of the Galaxy ride has seen reports of visitors queuing for up to seven hours for the new Marvel film inspired ride.


It is being widely reported that revellers at Disneyland, California, showed their American love of inactivity this weekend by queueing for up to seven hours for a five minute ride.

Following the launch of the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at the resort social media was flooded with photos of the ride’s mammoth queues that make the average wait in a British bank seem like a trip round Le Mans.

Attendees snaked through large areas of the park, seemingly without end on a day when the fast passes for the ride alone averaged about five hours during Disneyland’s peak times, with regular punters looking at seven hours for the experience.

Whether or not the ride, which, at around four minutes long, accounts for under one percent of overall queue time, was worth the wait remains to be seen, and I should imagine it will be a fair old time before such a way to waste a day becomes the norm in England.

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