Crazy Chicken spreads its wings to make Euro migration

Coinslot Finance Package Project Crazy Chicken ticket
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Following the success of its Crazy Chicken, fun ticket fruit, which was launched to the UK market in January, Project has confirmed the creation of a version for European export markets.


The high impact three player game, offers a full range of percentage settings from 20 percent through to 70 percent, and can be customised for local markets.

Project managing director, Tony Boulton, believes the strength and appeal of the Crazy Chicken characters, including the smiling farmer and eponymous crazy chicken, transcend cultures.

He stated: “Our currency is fun which is also the international language of family entertainment. Linked to this is the sense of theatre that players seek and the addition of a fun ticket fruit with video has provided operators, with something new and dynamic to showcase.

“Crazy Chicken is a fun product which has filled an important niche for operators wanting to bring something different to their redemption offering. Essentially, redemption is all about generating a feel good experience amongst players, many of whom play in family groups. I think it’s much more compelling and powerful to use video and animation to make an impact and in the process, create a more rounded and fulfilling entertainment experience. The recent research into consumer attitudes and behaviour that was commissioned by Bacta, showed that 67 percent of FEC players said they played ‘Just for Fun’ : Crazy Chicken was created to meet exactly that audience profile and the response both in the UK and now in export markets, has been very, very encouraging.”

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