Salmon continues American Adventure crusade

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The reopening of Derbyshire’s American Adventure theme park has grown one step closer to being a reality as the petition edges closer to 10,000 signatures.


The Burton Mail has reported that a local resident is closing in on a petition milestone that he hopes will lead to the reopening of a theme park.

Amusements aficionado, Declan Salmon, of Newhall, is convinced that reopening the American Adventure theme park, which has been closed for a decade due to economic infeasibility, would be a huge boost to the region, and his own childhood memories.

It would seem that a raft of others share such memories, as close to 8,000 have signed an online petition that will be put to the local council once it reaches 10,000 signatures, and promptly disposed of, one would assume.

There are currently plans in place to build 300 homes on the site, where increasingly little of the original park remains, but Salmon remains undeterred by such circumstances and upbeat that his petition may yet bring a swathe of Americana back to Burton.

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