UK bingo goes stateside with Caravan of Glam

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A bingo night in East Staffordshire took inspiration from America for a wild night of drag, glitter and music with the Caravan of Glam.


Residents in East Staffordshire are pining for a slice of the states, in actual America the Caravan of Glam is spicing up bingo with the unusual mix of drag, glitter and music, according to local news.

Far from a naturally glamorous location, Jackson, Wyoming saw two rounds of bingo followed by two burlesque shows, the latter of which is unlikely to catch on in UK bingo halls one would presume.

“It’s definitely an adult bingo; we just have fun,” said Justin Buckles, founder of Caravan of Glam. “Everybody loves bingo. It’s incredible how people latch onto bingo. It’s a good escape and a fun, inexpensive escape from the norm.”

Hosting the event was Casey Wynn, and his alter ego Spyke Naugahyde, who commented: “The bingo is just great fun, it gets a little funny and out of control. It’s not your grandma’s bingo. You can come have a bloody mary and play bingo and have a good time.”

Whilst I am sure that many would enjoy a bloody mary and some burlesque whilst daubing away in England, it remains to be seen if the company may find its way across the pond, although we can only hope it does.

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