Dreamland launch more of a nightmare for local resident

Coinslot - Dreamland Versatitlity
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The relaunch of Margate’s Dreamland has shocked a local resident who claims one of the park’s rollercoasters comes within inches of her flat’s balcony.


Whilst many are rejoicing about the timely reopening of Dreamland in equally dreamy Margate, a woman has been left in a state of shock after a rollercoaster at the site has been built inches from her balcony.

The Sun has reported that those living in the block of flats affected, were not informed of such sneaky construction at Dreamland, with residents seemingly unaware of the presence of the theme park on their doorstep.

The story standing as yet another example of unscrupulous property development has left one resident going as far as to call the ride a “pain in the bum” and has claimed that it will ruin summer, as those queuing for the Magic Mouse ride have full view of residents’ balconies.

The theme park’s launch saw more than 17,000 people walk through its gates last Friday, signalling a marked regeneration of the site which first opened in 1880.

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