Business wins for Embed

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Barberio Music Company accelerates Embed expansion across southern US
Embed, a subsidiary of out-of-home entertainment leader Helix Leisure, continues to expand across the southern US with installations at locations operated by Barberio Music Company (BMC). BMC has partnered with Embed at eleven locations to date, with eight of those occurring since the first of this year.
The family-owned Barberio Music Company has been operating amusement and music equipment for 69 years. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the company serves locations nationwide, providing everything from amusement area design and layout, to equipment selection and prizes, to location management and collection services. They utilize the Embed Card System exclusively in their locations, employing TOOLKIT software and Embed’s smartTouch Swipe readers. For smaller game rooms, the emONE self-installed, self-contained cashless system is paired with Bay Tek’s Prize Hub to give customers full redemption without an attendant.
“Upgrading to Embed shrinks daily labor requirements, which immediately translates to instant savings and guest service improvements,” said BMC owner Jordan Barberio. “Embed has been proven to reduce operating costs, help you make better investment decisions and drive your top line sales. It all equals bigger profits. Embed’s point of sale together with their self-service kiosks offer a better experience for customers.”

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