Coin op industry remains at risk of hacking

Coinslot - Cyber crime hacking
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Small firms need to take immediate action on cybercrime, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has warned following a recent global hacking scare.


The warning comes on the heels of the recent global cyber attack.

While the coin op community was not directly impacted, the FSB warned that small businesses should be more vigilant when it comes to computer security.

“When you’re busy getting on with the job of running your business, cyber attacks probably aren’t at the front of your mind,” FSB commercial director David Stallon said. “But last week’s global cyber hack is a stark reminder that there are dangers. And I worry that small businesses are particularly at risk.”

Betting shops are thought to be more vulnerable to hacking, while FECs and AGCs that rely on computer systems to handle cash flows may also be at risk.

According to FSB figures,a single cybercrime incident costs a small business victim nearly £3,000 on average, and takes more than two days to recover from.

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