Barry Island amusement museum plans in doubt

Coinslot - Barry Island council
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Pleasure Park owner Henry Danter has expressed having second thoughts about creating a Barry Island museum, following a recent incident.


The plans were thrown into doubt after vandals damaged a Second World War-era vintage lorry parked on his site.

Danter is in the process of restoring the vehicle to its former glory.

He had hoped to restore around 20 classic vehicles, and fairground memorabilia, including arcade games, in a yet-to-be-built museum to add more to Barry Island’s attractions.

But he feared for the exhibits security if the park was going to be a target for crime.

He said: “There’s no insurance on it because it was going to go into a museum that I was hoping to build. “I’ve got second thoughts about a museum. The cars cost thousands and I don’t want to risk it.”

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