Bingo and casino part of Dudley regeneration plans

ICR - Casino 36 Dudley
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Following the opening of its £7.6m Wolverhampton venue in November, Casino 36 has unveiled its plans for a new bingo hall and casino in Dudley.


Casino 36 is to create a new bingo and casino site in Dudley, as part of plans to regenerate the town centre. Based on the success of its Wolverhampton venue, which saw the creation of 100 new jobs, Casino 36 planning to invest more than £12m on a second site in the West Midlands town.

The project will involve the development of a new bingo hall and the relocation of Dudley’s existing casino in the Castle Hill area, confirmed Peter Adkins, head of the regulatory team at Birmingham law firm Emms Gilmore Liberson.

The company suggests the plans will enhance the town, boost tourism, and bring economic and employment opportunities to the Black Country region of the West Midlands.

Adkins worked with the company for four years to advise on the licensing requirements for the Wolverhampton complex and has been retained for the new site in Dudley.

“Going through the process for the move of a casino licence and new bingo licence is exceptionally complex and the Emms Gilmore Liberson team has been working extremely hard to ensure that our client’s application for a new premises in Dudley is completed smoothly,” Adkins explained. “Apart from the move of the old licence and the new bingo licence we also need to apply for new alcohol and entertainment licences.

“We’re looking forward to Casino 36 receiving the go ahead from the local authority so it can start building this impressive new site, which will boost the town’s leisure facilities and create jobs.”

The company is planning to invest more than £12m on a purpose- built facility at Castlegate Leisure Park, creating 74 full-time jobs for the local community, and aims to open the new premises in 2018. Spread over two storeys, the new offering will be include a 450-seat mainstage bingo hall on the ground floor and a casino above. The latter of which will offer the traditional casino favourites, such as roulette and blackjack, as well as “the latest innovations in casino technology”, the company says.

Casino 36 director Adrian Ballard said he was inspired to invest in the town following Dudley Council’s commitment to regenerating the town centre.

“Dudley has, in my eye, always been a leading market town. The plans to move the area forward are admirable, and something I am keen to be involved in,” he said. “I feel the opportunities our new site will provide will complement these plans and be a additional vehicle to bring much needed tourism back to the borough.

“When considering which new facilities to offer, we didn’t want to just cater to an existing client market. We are determined to provide something that the area is lacking, and are focused on providing new facilities in a friendly and safe environment where people can relax in an exciting and fresh new setting.”

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