Donegal proprietor keeps divisive flag flying

Coinslot - Donegal Union Jack
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A holiday village owner from Donegal has confirmed he will continue to fly the United Kingdom’s flag despite the negative backlash it’s received online.


A Donegal holiday village owner insists he will keep flying the Union flag form his property despite being beset by considerable vitriol from patrons and social media commentators alike.

Brendan Rohan, a retired senior officer in the Irish Defence Forces, owns the popular Dunfanaghy Holiday Village at Corcreggan Mill, Donegal.

British tourists make up more than half his guests, and when they stay he hoists the flag in their honour, but this hasn’t gone down well with many northerners who visit the county, to say the least.

One facebook commenter stated: “It’s an insult – especially to those who continue to live under British imperialism in the six counties, just a few miles away from where this site is – to fly a flag soaked in the blood of millions of Irish people.”

Another commenter, who seems out of touch with current currency mintings added: “For the sake of a few shillings you have sold your soul. Shame on you. I will be encouraging everyone I know to boycott your premises”, and called on the owner to remove the flag and make a public apology.

Rohan however seems to be standing firm in the face of such a deluge of social media commentary and said: “I am passionate about a united Ireland by agreement. And I think that will only happen when the unionists in the north recognise that we as a nation have finally matured and they choose to unite with us.”

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