Punters drawn to retro-redemption old favourites

Coinslot - Redemption retro
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As the season progresses operators are seeing families trending towards retro-style redemption machines, with new-takes on old favourites offering an experience that in-home consoles and mobile games still cannot match.


Noticing the punters gravitate, a number of operators are planning to invest more in ‘traditional-style pieces’ – games you’d expect to see at a 1950s seaside carnival, but with a twist.

Quick to pick-up and hard to master, these redemption machines boast a long tradition of remaining both accessible and profitable in changing times.

“We’re seeing a modern twist on the retro game, reinventing the wheel, the same wheel you had fifty years ago,” said Adam Williams, director of Tir Prince amusements.

“You’ve got to consider what you can’t do on the consoles and utilise those games in your premises. So there has to be some motion in there, some fun, a bit of group activity.”

Whilst video games have always been a firm favourite with punters, redemption machines are often considered to provide more ‘bang for your buck’ – increasing their popularity with families.

Williams summed up the activity as entertainment ‘you can’t do at home on the likes of the Wii without breaking the telly’, highlighting how these popular machines are more physical than video games, but also the myriad of ways operators can utilise the differences between digital and physical formats to their advantage.

It’s no wonder this social interaction and co-operative aspect of redemption machines still appeals, providing a people-orientated aspect that may always be lacking in the online gaming sphere.

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