Disabled girl gets a boost from Lucky Strike staff

Fantasy Island
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A disabled ten year old girl had her bank holiday weekend saved by security guards at Lucky Strike Amusements in Skegness. The lift had broken down, stopping them getting into the restaurant, before four people carried her chair up while security guards gave her a piggy back back down afterwards.


When Brooke Gould, 10, and her family found out the lift was broken it initially looked to be a disappointment.

Father Jonathan Gould, from Deeping St James, said: “We thought, oh no, there goes our plans for the afternoon and the evening.”

He added: “Yes, there are lots to do in Skegness but this arcade makes our life easier.”

Her father had asked four men to carry her chair up the stairs after seeing them carry down a mobility scooter. This then allowed the family to enjoy their meal while the chair was secured safely by staff. The lift was repaired by the time they left but two Fantasy Island security guards helped move the chair back downstairs, including a piggy back for Brooke back to the chair.

“What a fantastic team of staff! They really couldn’t have gone to any further extremes to help us,” said Mr Gould. “Even though the lift was operational again when we left they had a lift engineer in the lift with us just in case it went wrong again,” he added.

“All the security team and the restaurant staff were amazing. We were humbled and so very grateful to them all for making us feel valued as customers and we really cannot thank you all enough,” Mr Gould said.

Brooke has cerebral palsy and relies on the 160kg chair to help her move around and has been to Lucky Strike on numerous occasions.

Mr Gould said: “The restaurant is on the second floor and is excellent. We’ve had many a good meal here and then we usually spend the evening winning tickets and cashing them in for prizes.

“Our two kids love it.”

The amusements industry is important to communities across the UK. Research conducted on behalf of Bacta has shown that the amusements industry contributes supports the employment of 34,000 people across the UK.

It helps contribute £2bn to the UK economy as well as £270m in machine game duty and machine VAT.

The industry is a long mainstay of coastal towns and the area is expected to see a boost over the next five years with the introduction of a Destination Improvement District.

This will help raise funds to help boost footfall and try to make the area an all year round attraction.

It is an example of how the importance of seaside destinations like Lucky Strike are to the local economy and the entertainment industry of the region.

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