Leisure Island commits to being safe, not sorry

Coinslot - Leisure Island Canvey First Aid
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The manager of Canvey’s Leisure Island theme park, who believes himself to have saved a man’s life, is planning to build a state-of-the-art first aid centre.


Scott Petty, 49, was working at the Leisure Island Fun Park, on Canvey seafront, when a woman ran in and asked for help after the 86-year-old tripped over his dog’s lead and injured himself.

Mr Petty, who is first aid trained, dashed to the rescue but says the incident has made him realise more permanent provision is needed.

He said: “We were in the park when this lady came shouting and shouting that a man had fallen over and was bleeding really badly. We are the only place which has first aid provision on the seafront so it’s lucky she knew to come to us.”

Petty’s dedication to seaside safety stands as an admirable testament to the indomitable British spirit we hear our beaches will swell with post-Brexit, so is a nice little aperitif to such beautiful days ahead, apparently.

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