In the summertime, where the sector’s fine?

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The busy season is coming and Edward Lowoton discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the seaside sector’s future.


Operators may tire of buzz words like ‘staycation’, but like many Brits this summer, it doesn’t seem to be flying-off anytime soon. Indeed, a recent coastal critique in Coinslot’s Summer Supplement raises several talking points for the sector’s season ahead, including obvious factors like machine strategy, Brexit, and the £1 coin, as well as less considered influences such as coastal infrastructure and national politics.

In the supplement we catch one of the industry’s own politicians (despite his attempt to avoid the label), Marcus Kravis, who is currently on the general election campaign trail in the South West, while still keeping a close eye of his large Minehead arcade.

The three B’s also feature, with Bacta, Balppa and Bingo giving their verdicts for the summer and shining optimism on a sector that, by its very nature, has a fair share of challenges.

In 2016 we predicted positivity, and this year the clouds appear to be parting even further, especially with so many exciting and innovative new products on offer.

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