TouchTunes App registers 6m users as smartphone meets smart jukebox

TouchTunes App registers six million users

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Playdium’s status as the preferred jukebox app for the Spotify Generation and 21st century consumers of music in general has been put into sharp focus, courtesy of the latest user data released by TouchTunes.


As of the beginning of May the TouchTunes App has recorded an astonishing six million registered users in the United States, with new sign-ups averaging 25,000 a week. Such a phenomenal level of take-up has had a direct and profound impact on income with more than 30% of all jukebox revenue now being generated via the TouchTunes App.

Nick Hardy, TouchTunes’ Commercial Director, Europe, believes the success and power of the App is evidence of how the pay-to-play music experience is being driven by consumers’ appetite to adopt new technology and its accessibility, which is literally, at their fingertips. He explained: “The TouchTunes App gives the user total control, enabling him/her to take on the role of DJ and play the jukebox from their phone. The marriage of smartphone and smart jukebox transforms the player experience and brings the jukebox bang up to date, making the successful transition from analogue to digital entertainment. Technology is the language of the 21st century consumer and any service provider or end-user facing business who chooses to swim against the tide of technology and not invest in a jukebox with a proven App is in danger of being ignored and isolated by consumers in the very near future. When it comes to using US data to predict future UK and European success, I have never been a total advocate of the notion that ‘what works over there will automatically work over here’ but the smartphone is universal, a global phenomenon, and these figures from North America are astounding. They are also consistent; the rate of growth of the TouchTunes App has been consistent since its first launch and it is showing no signs of slowing down – over 800,000 active unique users every month is an incredible number.”

He added: “Initial trials of the App here in the UK have shown a strong take-up amongst smartphone users, who are totally at ease with the technology. Even in those pubs where we have not undertaken any point of sale promotions, App usage is gaining traction. The broader marketing opportunities presented by the App and the data it generates are of huge significance for pub companies and transforms the jukebox into a dynamic and powerful, real time marketing tool.”

The TouchTunes App delivers a wealth of user features which enhance the pay-to-play music experience, including the ability to find pub locations, import play lists, connect to Spotify, receive a personalised experience by combining preferences and history as well as the ability to make payments remotely.

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