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Mottershead to showcase ITP prizes at ECAS

May 9, 2017
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Ian Mottershead is a well-known face at UDC’s Skegness event. Specialising in redemption, Mottershead will be showcasing prizes at both the Newcastle and the traditional show – this time with new products from ITP Imports.


Ian Mottershead will attend both ECAS events in the coming week, showcasing a range of products from wholesaler ITP Imports. ITP supply the circa 400 shops of Poundworld and Bargain Buy, however the company has only just entered the leisure industry this Easter, with Mottershead heading the redemption division.

“I’ve come on board because ITP are leisure virgins, so I’m trying to grow it,” he explained. “We have a new purpose built website with 500 lines on there, all picked by me with redemption in mind.”

Despite only a few months into the challenge, Mottershead has made great progress, with Brighton Pier’s redemption store stocking several of ITPs prizes. While licensed product is proving successful, some of the simpler pleasures are also doing well.

“Licensed stuff does go, but so do prizes such as Sticky Goo and Alien eggs, because kids like getting messy and mucking about with stuff,” he revealed, adding that “whoopie cushions still work.”

Indeed, the lower-end prizes are of utmost important for redemption, especially when most of the players are of limited height.

“The way to look at it is, if you’re five years old, what do you see? You’re only going to look at what’s in front of you,” Mottershead continued. “If you’re 6ft tall, you can see what’s on the back shelf because you’re tall enough, but for little ones, low value sweets and low value prizes work very well.”

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