Krispy Kreme slot tour brings sweetness to Norwich

Coinslot - Krispy Kreme Norwich Media Watch
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Seemingly famous for it’s doughnut penchant, Norwich was graced this week by a giant Krispy Kreme slot machine, offering the general public a chance to get some dough from a one-armed bandit.


Reported in the EDP 24, the Krispy Kreme installation was brought to Chapelfield on Wednesday and comes fully loaded with the kind of food products we are so constantly told to avoid. Prizes include goodies from American chocolate brand Hershey’s, doughnuts and the arteryclogging grand prize of a year’s supply of doughnuts. The promotions placements may yet pay dividends in the city, where doughnut fans queued for 10 hours when a Krispy Kreme opened last year.

Continuing its grand tour of giving the general public sticky fingers the machine will then move to Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Gateshead, Glasgow Edinburgh, and Bluewater.

The doughnut slot machine is in place to celebrate the launch of two new Hershey branded products, however it has not been confirmed if the slot comes ready for the new polymer notes or whether it will be affected by the triennial review.

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