DIY theme parks the next trends for toddlers?

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In trans-Atlantic related news, a two-year-old girl in the States has had her very own theme park built for her by her grandfather.


According to the Independent, Jimmy White, from Decatur, Texas, lives next door to his granddaughter, but had decided this proximity was not quite enough to strengthen their fledgling family relationship.

When he found out that Sophia was on her way he immediately set about in his work shed, building a roller coaster, which circles around a pink carnival swing, a roundabout and a blue ferris wheel with yellow metal seats.

White went on to reaffirm that he had no intent of keeping the girl grounded: “Any time she wants something I’m going to try to give it to her,” he told CBS. “That’s what grand kids are for, you spoil them.”

Quite worryingly, he explained the park was made from scrap parts, but asserted it was safe enough for an adult to ride.

Much like many operators ahead of this summer White has expansion plans lined up for the site for when Sophia is to grow up, naturally with a go kart track in mind.

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