IMAX set to expand entertainment offering with VR arcades

Coinslot - IMAX VR
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The company best known for its gigantic cinema screens, IMAX, has trialled a new product that’s much, much smaller: virtual reality headsets.


Making the announcement at its latest earnings conference, IMAX hailed its virtual reality arcade experiment in Los Angeles, California as a success.

In its first quarter results report, the entertainment technology company said it had “agreed with partners to open multiple additional pilot VR centres by the end of 2017 in locations including New York, Manchester, Shanghai and in Japan.”

The IMAX VR experience uses room-tracking technology allowing players to explore virtual space, with single-player or head-to-head multiplayer competitions.

The Los Angeles arcade opened on 6 January with a number of games that were linked to upcoming film releases, such as Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine and John Wick Chronicles.

If the Manchester pilot VR centre matches the success of its Los Angeles counterpart, you may well find a VR arcade coming to a venue near you soon.

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