Maggi: Be up-to-date for bumper season

Coinslot - Maggi Paul yorke
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Celebrating its 25th year in business, cash-handling supplier Maggi Electronics has urged operators to stay ahead of the currency changes in what promises to be a busy summer season.


As a continuum of post-Brexit reports echoes, the allure of holiday entertainment on home soil is lifting the spirits of the domestic amusement industry.

With such strong prospects on the visitor horizon, cash-handling supplier Maggi Electronics has set out to ensure that operators are ready to capitalise by ensuring the £1, £5 and £10 upgrades are complete before the summer months.

Paul Yorke, Operations Director

“It’s the increasing numbers of Brits holidaying at home that require the need for speed, quality and service alike,” said Maggi’s workshop manager, Dave Kay. Since 2015 Maggi Electronics has been preparing for these currency changes, working closely with the Royal Mint and Bank of England to ensure accuracy across the board. This has allowed the company to prepare operators for the recent and forthcoming currency updates.

“We welcomed the release of the new polymer £5 banknote last September, and are gearing our customers prior to the removal of the paper £5 on 5 May 2017, moreover the nearing demonetisation of the round £1, from 16 October,” said Paul Yorke, operations director at Maggi Electronics.

Things, clearly, are not slowing down for Maggi, with the company finalising a trading partnership agreement at the start of the year with Innovative Technology, strengthening Maggi’s competitiveness across the industry and within their supply chain, to the influx of new customers and positive feedback.

Indeed, Maggi customers described the company’s T-Gurus to be “honest, friendly, without fault, and in some cases, made the impossible possible!”

As the firm welcomes its 25th year in business at the beginning of May, Joe Pritchard, managing director, said: “From the very beginning nearly 25 years ago, our philosophy was simple, our aim was and still is to meet our customers’ needs, no matter how big or small. I believe it is our attention to detail, our flexibility to industry changes with our ear to the ground, which have led us to 25 successful years.”

Alongside ITL’s products, Maggi Electronics have been upgrading and replacing JCM, Crane Payment Innovations and AstroSystems products’, with national and next day delivery available, all including 100 days’ warranty.

With the new polymer £10 banknote entering circulation circa September 2017, Maggi Electronics has been ensuring the amusement industry is sufficiently secure in processing all note acceptors, minimising operators’ downtime, in order to increase cash flow.

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