Cruisin’ Blast: Driving sales into a new era

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The long running Cruis’n driving game series is making its triumphant return with new title Cruis’n Blast.


Designed exclusively for arcades, the high-octane racer has proven popular in venues over the years.

Since developer Raw Thrills debuted cross-country themed Cruis’n USA in 1994, over 70,000 units of games within the series have been sold, grossing over $8 billion worldwide.

“With the resurging millennial arcade scene and unprecedented player demand, the time was right for a new Cruis’n game,” said Eugene Jarvis, Raw Thrills president and creator of the Cruis’n series.

Settled in a cockpit, players can tear through exotic locations such as Madagascar, Rio and Death Valley. Each of the five brand new racing tracks features 1080p graphics, high-tech special effects and a pumping soundtrack courtesy of The Thrill-D Blaster sound system.

“Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix games not only have the wow-factor in the way they look, but also how they perform on site in terms of revenue for the operators and also enjoyment for the players,” says James Anderson, sales and commercial director of Bandai Namco Amusement, the game’s exclusive distributor. “Cruis’n Blast is no exception – it has proven to be one of our best-selling titles of this season. The team at Raw Thrills test each title extensively to ensure it gives the maximum gameplay to the player and also constantly evolve the software and they have a wealth of knowledge from previous titles that they build on.”

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