North West AGM to provide important industry forum

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Positioned in the wake of the larger London showcases, and on the doorstep of the summer season, the bacta North West Region’s annual general meeting provides operators, both in the area and further afield, with a crucial forum for discussion.


There will be a national feel to Bacta’s North West Regional AGM next month with the association’s chief executive, John White, travelling up to the region to lend his support and serve as chair of the event.

White will take the opportunity to introduce a number of key topics to the members, bringing them up to date with market issues and the state of the organisation.

Joe Pritchard, MD, Maggi Electronics, and chairman of the regional association, was looking forward to the ‘national’ platform in the regional setting.

With the AGM taking place alongside Crown’s Northern Showcase Pritchard noted that the intimate setting of the event will allow operators to focus on the most pertinent topics in their localities, and make the most of the industry knowledge present.

Pritchard will be on hand himself to add his expertise in currency validation to any such discussions. “As issues of compliance go, we do not get too involved in it, we are a service company, so the reason I offered to go on the board was to bring a different perspective to the table.

“We can help with discussions regarding any issues that people may have had with the pound update, and we can really add some good input there.”

A key aspect of the AGM is the highlighting of charitable work done by the organisation, a drive Pritchard was determined to continue.

He noted the annual golf day and Christmas ball as ‘great examples’ of how the national focus of BACTA can supplement the good deeds done locally by operators.

“I think that as an organisation that involves the public it is important that it they try to give back. BACTA goes a long way to formalise the charity work done. Of course individual companies support things in their own areas a great deal, but BACTA as an organisation really helps with these more formalised events.”

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