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Playdium income exceeds jukebox average by close to 20 percent

April 27, 2017
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The very latest performance data released by TouchTunes, confirms the average cashbox income generated by the game changing Playdium is close to 20 percent above the national jukebox average.


The figures, which are based on income generated by more than 250 Playdiums operating successfully in locations ranging from Aberdeen to Aberystwyth, demonstrate the progressive nature of the TouchTunes business model and the positive impact it has on the bottom line profits being received by operators.

Nick Hardy, TouchTunes’ commercial director, Europe, stated: “We are swiftly approaching a half century of operators who are now operating the Playdium, which means that the sample size is both numerically robust and geographically comprehensive.”

“Playdium was billed as a game-changer when it was launched in the UK last October and so it is proving. Our operators are experiencing a consistent increase in retained income which, due to the business model, will always out pace the costs of content. In essence it is the equivalent of operators investing just £1.00 to receive £5.00 back.”

This 21st century business model, created to help drive investment in product developments and so continually improve the user experience, also means that Touch- Tunes and Playdium operators share in revenue fluctuations, both up and down.

Hardy continued: “The main focus is on generating profits in an operatorfavourable ratio of 85:15, but the model also enables operators to place their Playdium in any site and at any time of the year, making it the standout jukebox choice for each and every venue.”

Recognised as the smartest jukebox on the market, Playdium’s online capabilities boost income through the provision of prompts and highlights all delivered remotely and designed to encourage play, features which have helped to redefine the jukebox experience and which represent the next stage in the delivery of pay-to-play music.

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