Optimistic signs for domestic tourism across UK

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Domestic tourism figures are showing a rise pollsters are saying, which gives further cause for optimism around the UK’s leisure and amusements sector.


The latest evidence can be found in the second Domestic Tourism Industry Snapshot Survey which indicates positive signs for the year ahead.

The survey, conducted before and during the British Tourism & Travel Show, found 67 percent of leisure businesses have seen a rise in domestic visitor numbers over the past year with an average rise of 19 percent.

Optimism, too, is making a comeback with 78 percent of the respondents looking on the bright side of life when asked of their feelings about the future of domestic travel.

Surprisingly, or not if the Brexit factor has its anticipated inward focused narrative, only 5 percent described themselves as pessimistic.

There is a recurring theme of confidence with 11 percent expecting a significant improvement in customer spending habit over the next year; 46 percent thought there would be some improvement while only 21 percent think there will be any deterioration in customer spending habits.

Key trend predictions include a possible increase in overseas visitors, a rise in visitors to cities outside of London and rise in domestic tourism.

Other predictions include: quality to triumph over price, an increase in visitors from China, America and Canada and hope as Brexit starts to take effect with positive results.

The three top aspects that customers are looking for were found to be value for money, experience and location. Conversely relaxation, being pet friendly and being sustainable and green were the least of customers worries.

The survey was completed by a range of operators, DMOs, visitor attractions, destinations and hotels.

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