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The rise of populism across the industry calendar

April 17, 2017
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A regional show is coming to a town near you soon. Samuel Spencer sings the praises of a new wave of populism on the industry calendar and what it could lead to.


The Crown Open Day is heading to Leyland in a few weeks time as the regional roadshow season kicks into play. As Donald across the pond would say: “It’s going to be great”. And it will – populism works very well in the UK amusements sector.

The industry assembling, networking, discussing products, politics and people. Crown’s Northern Showcase, followed by UDC’s two hits on the east coast in Skegness and Newcastle- upon-Tyne and then Park Avenue in London – they all provide the one single thing the industry needs most. Unity. And this is vital for the years ahead.

For the first time in a real long time, the industry is finally marshalling its forces well.

Great PR from bacta – with a clear and positive message going out. Great innovation on the technological front. And great pioneering spirit on the people front.

With so much uncertainty on the economic and political horizon, it’s really encouraging that we seem to have momentum in making Britain’s amusements great again!

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