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New ride brings a personal touch to theme park thrills

April 17, 2017
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A Dutch designer has invented a new theme park ride which purports to amend its scare level based on the rider’s heart rate and muscle tension


With new theme parks often comes new technologies, and New Atlas have reported this week that a Dutch designer has now invented a ride that changes speed based on how scared you are.

Daniel de Bruin has designed a number of clever contraptions over the years, but the Neurotransmitter 3000 could be his finest work yet. The person in the roller-coaster chair is hooked up to a load of neuro-transmitters, which reveal how scared the person is.

Judging on their heart rate and muscle tension, the ride then increases pace to make the person more scared. The ride starts slowly, then picks up pace, and if you start to get a little bit comfortable, it goes even faster.

While the ride is still in the very early stages, the machinery could have a huge effect on theme parks in the future, with rides tailored to suit each individual person.

While this technology may be a long way away from ever seeing an FEC or pleasure park, it will be interesting to see how developments in the world’s major parks effect smaller British attractions.

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