Operators investing to break the bank for summer

Coinslot - Operators comment
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Operators investing heavily in time for bank holidays and the wider summer season may not seem the most surprising of news, but this year the sheer amount being spent, across such a breadth of premises is as notable as it is positive, says Tom Rush.


Across the country vast sums of money are being invested into arcades, theme parks and piers, from Margate to Barry Island, Cleethorpes to Blackpool the trend is hard to miss.

It is no surprise to see operators readying for summer in such a seasonal business, but the general mood in the industry at present is more focused, more optimistic than usual.

An expected staycation surge, and a weakened post-Brexit pound have all led operators to forecast fertile market conditions as Britain seems set to face a particularly positive period.

More people are visiting the United Kingdom, and those within it seem more likely than ever to stay within it, so such attractions are right to put their money where their mouth is, for it may just pay massive dividends to do so.

The entertainment landscape is a constantly changing one, and widespread investment in amusements is only sensible to make sure such institutions stay at the forefront of it in order to make the most of what could be a bumper British summer, providing the clouds stay at bay.

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