Chinese theme park causes Titanic outrage

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Media Watch explores the outrage caused by a Chinese theme park which as built a life-size replica of the fateful Titanic cruise liner.


The Sun has reported that plans for a life-size replica of the Titanic at a Chinese theme park has caused outrage among families of those on board the doomed liner.

Chinese planners said the giant replica would be a “respectful” take on the White Star ship that sank in 1912 killing more than 1,500, however it has been forced to cancel the proposed ride that would re-enact the Titanic hitting the iceberg that sealed her fate.

The BBC has reported a more promising destiny for theme parks in The Middle East, as Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans for an entertainment city on the edge of Riyadh which will be 50 times the size of Gibraltar once complete.

The 334 sq km (129 sq mile) attraction – about the same as Las Vegas – will offer cultural, sporting and entertainment activities – including a Six Flags park and a safari park.

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