Are industry views just whistling into the wind?

Coinslot - Wind views
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The Gambling Commission has issued its new business plan amid a chorus of tell us your views. But, questions Ken Scott, are they programmed to listen?


The Gambling Commission has invited views from the industry to help shape their program for the next three years.

It’s fairly standard PR procedure designed to present the regulator as a listening authority which takes industry positions very seriously. The question here is: can it take the industry perspective seriously?

It pays lip service, and very well indeed, and it listens attentively, because it must do. But it just doesn’t seem to hear.

Now this isn’t an attack on individuals or on the role of a regulator. But it is a criticism of a regulator which seems overly consumed with its own voice rather than those of all the interested parties.

The industry gets the tenets of the Gambling Commission’s objectives. It gets its role of fairness and protection – it should, it’s had years of the GC mantra pushed down its throat.

And guess what, the industry gets it and agrees with it and backs it all the way. But the Commision doesn’t seem to hear. It’s programmed to answer every question, every enquiry and every objection with the same old answer of fairness and protection.

If the Commission seriously wants our views – it should actually start listening to us and stop talking at us.

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