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Coastal operators to see huge summer turn out as Britain bakes

April 14, 2017
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With a long, hot summer expected and a weak pound, the forecast looks extremely positive for the UK’s coastal family entertainment operators.


After seaside operations enjoyed a busy first weekend of April – with Sunday hailed as the warmest day of the year so far – the UK is braced for more hot weekends in the coming months.

Speaking about business on that particular Sunday, Stanley Harris (pictured), owner of Ocean Amusements in Felixstowe, confirmed: “I’ve probably never seen so many people at my businesses since I’ve been here. “All week the weather forecast said Sunday was going to be hot, so it really brought the people out.

“All of my business is outside; I’ve got ice cream kiosks and children’s rides, so if the weather’s good, people will come. If not, they won’t. It’s as simple as that.”

Thanks to an impending ‘Spanish Plume’ (hot air arriving from south of the continent), the Met Office has forecast temperatures as high as 30C from May to July – despite the typical short span of British summers.

James Madden of Exacta Weather said: “Summer will not be without some major warm spells and heat bursts from the near-continent, which could see temperatures approaching the mid to high 30s at times.”

Allowing businesses even more cheer, Met Office records show rainfall is tipped to be slightly lower than normal. That means less risk of unpredictable British weather negatively impacting outside businesses.

Combine that with a Brexit-induced weak pound simultaneously putting off Britons going abroad, coastal businesses are looking forward to a successful summer.

John Senior, chairman of the South Bay Traders’ Association, told the Yorkshire Post: “I was in Marbella last week and it is warmer in Scarborough. It has been very busy, it has been superb.

“When the sun shines on the Yorkshire Coast there is no finer place to be and hopefully we can look forward to visitors all over the summer.”

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