Playdium strikes a chord in venues from Inverness to Ipswich

The TouchTunes Playdium Jukebox
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TouchTunes has confirmed strong performance figures across the length and breadth of the UK for its Playdium jukebox based on the latest real-time data.


TouchTunes’ Playdium, which has harnessed the power of technology to boost income and put the jukebox firmly back on the map, has avoided ‘M25 Syndrome’ and is performing well in venues the length and breadth of the country. Real-time data from the Playdium jukeboxes sited in pubs, clubs and other entertainment locations, confirms strong performance figures from Inverness to Ipswich and Aberdeen to Aberystwyth!

Nick Hardy, TouchTunes Commercial Director, Europe, believes Playdium’s user-friendly interface and ability to market music choices in a way that modern consumers want, explains its ability to cut through and engage, irrespective of location. He stated: “Modern consumers have a huge appetite for entertainment experiences providing they are delivered in a way that suits them. Their key issues relate to demographics and lifestyle, not geographical location, and Playdium is confirming this by demonstrating no regional bias whatsoever. We are achieving excellent results across all regions of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.”

“Up until the UK launch of Playdium, pay-to-play in venue music had trailed in the wake of digital music services, due to a lack of investment in products that offer users the level of experience they receive via their personal devices and which they now expect as a given. Playdium delivers user experiences in spades, which is why it is becoming the stand out jukebox for every forward-thinking venue and undeniably the way forward. With services such as Spotify continuing to add to the customer experience, our challenge is to keep up. As the smartest jukebox out there, Playdium is leading this charge. The market is telling us that following any other option is the equivalent of firing the starting pistol in a race to the bottom.”

Created by TouchTunes to be an in venue centrepiece, Playdium is the next generation entertainment platform, enabling venues to select from a variety of music profiles to suit their location and customer base. The smart jukebox learns from the music selected and adapts over time to highlight the choices that are most relevant.

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