Barff: “B3 is a perfect part of the bingo mix”

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With B3 machines still selling strong in both the bingo and AGC sectors, Blueprint Gaming has been closely monitoring player preferences to introduce new ideas in game development.


Blueprint Gaming has been developing new B3 games to meet the growing demands of a market segment that has seen machine numbers go up seven percent across both the AGC and bingo sectors over the last 12 months.

Gross gaming yield from B3 machines has increased every year for the last half-decade, buoyed by the segment’s increasing popularity in bingo halls, where machines have more than doubled in the same time frame.

“B3 is a perfect part of the bingo mix and the high volume of female players has always been attracted to this style of game,” explained Simon Barff, managing director of Blueprint Machines, who went on to emphasise the importance of a strong game design.

“B3 players are extremely loyal to the games they love,” he continued. “The team at Blueprint headed by Nicola Wallbank, closely monitors player preferences so that we can ensure that we cater for their tastes, while keeping the offer interesting and introducing new ideas.”

Indeed, Blueprint aim to keep ahead of the ever-increasing demands of the B3 player, introducing top games from other well-established developers.

“B3 players are very discerning and they know what they like,” said Barff. “We not only provide our own games but we also take the best third party titles that we can find. Players are delighted to see their favourite games on the stunning Aurora cabinet.”

While AGCs and bingo halls have enjoyed the success of B3 machines, Barf believes B3 should retain an element of exclusivity.

“B3 works well in an 18 and above environment,” he stated, explaining that pubs are the ideal home for a softer segment. “I think the Category C offer is perfect for pubs and we need to concentrate on improving the technical specifications in this area, so that we can introduce more exciting games for the core player.”

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