Astra predicts a bright future for the B3 sector

Coinslot - Astra Games B3 Sector
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Astra Games’ Alan Rogers predicts further growth for the B3 sector as his company caters to an increasing demand for ‘a more luxurious gaming experience’.


Astra Games has been working to offer a higher-end gaming experience with the company identifying further potential for growth in the B3 sector.

The Novomatic manufacturer recently launched its VIP Lounge cabinet to meet an increasing demand for comfort and luxury, which sales and marketing director Alan Rogers believes is part of a larger development.

“We believe the B3 will grow in strength and in particular we see an increasing trend for more high end products such as our own VIP Lounge, where we’re offering comfortable seating, crisp high definition aesthetics and overall a more luxurious gaming experience,” he said. “As players become more accustomed to a more exclusive way of playing, demand will inevitably lead in that direction.”

Bringing in the right machines to suit players demands is of course important, however Rogers emphasised that the arcade floorplan requires an equal level of meticulous thought.

“This is really all down to knowing your customer base and the careful planning of a strategic layout of games,” he explained. “Gaming is a very personal pastime and there are occasions where customers don’t want to be watched playing a high stake machine in a prominent place such as near the front doors for example. It’s more about ensuring that customers are comfortable playing and doing so in an environment where they don’t feel too exposed. A big part of that is achieving the correct flow through machine areas.”

While the simple question obviously revolves around why Cat B3 is the most popular coin-op machine segment, Rogers believes the answer rests in a more holistic perspective.

“B3 is undoubtedly a popular part of the gaming landscape, but I would argue that it’s not necessarily the most popular machine category,” he said. “Yes, they are a must-have product for AGC and bingo operations, but only as a part of the wider, overall mix of games. Not everyone wants to play for a £500 jackpot or commit to a £2 stake – some customers want to play Cat C or even Cat D games. That said; they do perform an essential role in contributing to a healthy balance of gaming products that will appeal to all player profiles.”

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