Mecca set for two new bingo halls in England

Coinslot - Mecca bingo halls
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The UK bingo halls operator, Mecca, has applied for two new gaming licences for venues in Weston-Super-Mare and Dudley


Mecca is poised to add two new premises to its extensive portfolio of bingo halls after applying for gaming licences in Weston-Super-Mare and Dudley.

The bingo hall operator was given the green light by Dudley planners for an £850,000 investment that would see the transformation of an old retail unit into a Luda-branded premises.

The brand is marketed as a new type of way to play the game, and is being unveiled by Mecca later this year. Although planning permission has been granted for the venue, it is yet to receive an operational gaming licence.

The company has also submitted an application for a convenience bingo hall in Weston-Super-Mare that is due to open as part of a multi-million-pound leisure complex.

As in Dudley, applications have stated the site will operate as part of the new Luda brand as a concentrated effort to attract new, younger customers.

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