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It’s ‘business as usual’ still at NSM Music

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Back in February, AMI Entertainment Network acquired NSM Music, starting a new era for the jukebox manufacturer whilst maintaining its successful business model.


Jukebox manufacturer NSM Music have issued a ‘business as usual’ message following its acquisition by AMI Entertainment Network.

NSM’s UK sales manager Alex Kirby said the acquisition paves the way for exciting new products and services, while maintaining NSM’s current and successful business model.

“We’ve had a number of enquiries asking similar questions,” said Kirby, “such as whether the brand ‘NSM’ will disappear and NSM products become AMI products. The NSM name is a very well-known brand throughout the UK and Europe and it will carry on as it has over the last five decades.”

Indeed, the company highlighted its icon range in particular as a product line that will continue to be developed.

“We’ll continue to produce the very popular icon range; these products have led the way in the UK as leading iconic solutions for the music sector. We’ll continue to develop the range as we always have but now with even more investment and backing from AMI Entertainment creating even more exciting new products for the future. Together both companies are stronger in terms of product development and innovation.”

Kirby explained that the company have also been asked if NSM Music will change its business model to follow a cash box share business model.

“Definitely no. And I want to stress this – we will continue to offer the UK normal business model with no cash box share, unless of course this is something that UK operators request.”

Furthermore, the company has been making strides in implementing new technology to its jukeboxes.

“NSM has recently announced major developments in virtual and contactless products and there’s more cutting edge development on the way here in the UK. Customers will benefit from increased investment in products and services,” commented Kirby, who went on to reinforce the company’s commitment to customers for the long-term future.

“The day-to-day operations of NSM will not change. We’ll continue to support all customers from our headquarters in Leeds,” stated Kirby. “We’ll continue to offer the same great products, music and quality of service that all our UK and European customers value. We have a successful business model that will not change; the future for us all here is very exciting.”

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