Charisma is the key to Crazy Chicken success

Coinslot - Project crazy chicken seaside
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Crazy Chicken’s main characters are soon to be coastal favourites as Project continues to receive order from a number of seaside operators


Project’s friendly farmer and eponymous crazy chicken are set to become two of the most popular fictional characters at the coast, following sustained orders from seaside operators for the company’s high energy video redemption piece, which was launched earlier this year at EAG.Coinslot - Project crazy chicken seaside farmer

The game, which features video and 3D animation to give a more contemporary twist to the redemption experience, has succeeded in attracting a family audience of players with an increasing number of operators responding by adding a fourth game to make the multiplayer into a true centrepiece attraction.

Project managing director, Tony Boulton, believes the combination of interactive game features and the creation of characters with charisma go a long way to explaining the success that is being enjoyed by the game.

He said: “To a certain extent we were going into the unknown when we launched at EAG, but the response has been extremely good. From the outset the test figures were great, word got around and as a consequence we quickly sold out the first production run. Since then, and on the basis of feedback from the market, we have extended the crazy chicken branding on the facia and I’m delighted the game continues to perform, adding income to the bottom line.

“It’s hard to quantify, but both the farmer and of course the crazy chicken have a personality and an appeal which a family audience loves and which keeps them playing.”

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